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Someone who says something racist, homophobic, sexist or overall idiotic.
Girl 1: No offence or anything, but black lesbians should not ok.

Girl 2: Don't be a trump cunt, homie.
by ForTheHorde867 November 22, 2015
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When someone who thinks there amazing in every way. And just tries to consistently triumph over everyone else even though they are just a plain cunt.


Person 1: why is person 3 always trying to be better than everyone

Person 2: its because he is a trumpcunt

Person 1: A what ?

Person 2: a trumpcunt where someone always tries to triumph over everyone in every way.

Person 3: look at me I'm so great at everything I always go for the best.

Person 2: see what a trumpcunt
Trumpcunt everyone knows one
by LemonChronic June 13, 2018
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A female who looks like she would have voted for Trump. She is most likely a suburbanite and most likely did not vote for Trump. She follows the laws that other people think are unnecessary, such as parking in a parking space or stopping for someone crossing the street. A nasty name to call someone who you really want to put down.
That woman stopped for someone in a crosswalk, so she must be a Trumpcunt.
by unwillinghockeymom November 16, 2016
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