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The guys who stay true to thier elders. They are crazy bastards, and they love it. They are not skateboard fags, or gothic idiots. They dont care what people think of them. They fuck around in a town called Needham, otherwise known as "Weedham". People talk shit about them, but they dont care, because they get most of the girls. Some of them have gone to different schools, but they will always stick together. This group of kids is also called the "Goonies" or the "Goonsquad". The only people who call them that are skateboard potheads, or straight up faggots. There are exactly 11 of the "Goonies". Only the "Goonies" are classified as True Needham. There are exceptions to this rule, but it is very rare.
Dude, the goonies are gay.
Yeah they are in kindergarten.
(Member of the Goonies) You know what is sad you guys, a kindergartener gets more ass then you!

People who are not in this group have no respect for the people have have graduated from Needham High School. Therefore, they are not True Needham.

Strongside, bitches
by Strongside Bitches January 02, 2006
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