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MetalCore-The mix of metal and hardcore fast melodic hitting guitars, Thundering drums major double bass, Screaming, growling melodic, meadow singing.

The glory days of Metal which was at its peak in early 2000's before the arrival of mixed genre's (Deathcore, Emo, Scence metal,ect). Some of bands do stay true to what metalcore stands for most have been mixed in with all the different genre's.
Metal is a mess now, So many bands... So many genres.... Bands that dont deserve getting signed are left and right. Metal's worse decade so far. But here are some True Metalcore albums from the glory days.

Alive or just breathing-Killswitch engage
Behind silense and solitude-all that remains
Gone Forever-God forbid
Early Shadows fall up untill last album

by Bum Killa 101 April 13, 2009
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