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A deep and dark "community" on tumblr that fantasizes about murders by reblogging edits of them and dedicating a whole blog to this kind of shit. A select few actually write about true crime and the majority of them are 14 year old girls wishing they were alive when Ted Bundy was around so he could rape them. 80% of the time there's some kind of drama going on because when they're not fantasizing about their "daddies" they get so bored with life that they have to create some kind of excitement in their lives.
Person 1: Have you seen the content on TCC?

Person 2: Yeah, sick little girls fantasizing about screwing their teacher

Person 1: No, not Teacher Crush Community but True Crime Community

Person 2: Oh yeah, those weirdos? Don't they want to get fucked by murderers?

Person 1: 2 edgy 4 me
by Bundyphilia May 15, 2016
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