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Originally a descriptive for a member of Landover Baptist Church (God's Favorite Church) but also includes those members of the Exclusive Country Club of the Predestined and Sanctified Elect who believes and preaches the Bible IN ITS ENTIRETY; and who, by stating they "love the sinner and hate the sin" have no problem telling anyone who isn’t a non-White Anglo-Saxon conservative fundagelical -- including, but not limited to Cathylicks, Homersexurals, Joos, Mooslims, Hindoos, Boodhists, Mormens, Methodists, Whiskypalians, Plentycostals, blacks, the French, ragheads, LIEberals and DEMONcrats -- that God loves them so much He's going to make sure they burn in an everlasting Hell.

Examples of True Christians™ include Betty Bowers, Jerry Falwell, Fred Phelps, John Hagee, James Dobson, Tom DeLay, Rod Parsley, Sister Taffy and Judy O’Christian. Note: descriptions or lists of these kinds of Christians should always be accompanied with the ™ sign.
James Dobson's brand of True Christianlurve, where he lovingly tells all homosexuals that they're going to burn in Hell, makes me feel all warm and tingly inside!
by carpbear July 10, 2008
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