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Term used to describe enormous lines of cocaine, methamphetamine, special k, heroin or any other snortable drug. A Rail is used to describe the same thing but in moderate portions. A Trucker Rail is at least double in size. Perhaps as wide as a person's thumb and several inches long. Trucker's are notorious for snorting methamphetamine Trucker Rails to stay awake on long hauls over the road.
1. Tony Montana was so depressed that his only way to cope was to snort Trucker Rails of coke until he was more or less bullet-proof and psychotic.
2. The trucker knew that driving from Maine to California was gonna be a long haul so he snorted a few Trucker Rails of speed to stay awake and alert.
3. With finals approaching, the graduate student had no choice but to snort Trucker Rails of Adderall to keep his edge and stay up for 5 days studying.
by iceman 69 December 29, 2009
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