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A general disturbance of the groinal area in mainly male humans due to one of the following:

1) Seeing a hot biatch

2) Doing too much weed
3) Getting priapism
4) Being weird
5) One word: Handkerbate
1) OMG that chick is sooo flamin' hot its maaajor trouser disturbance time

2) Duuuuude...i'm like soooo stoooned...hey whats that in my pants?

3) Ow! This trouser diturbance hurts the shit outta my d*ck

4) Ging gang gooolie woolie bonga bong-shaka-laka...oooh is that my little sausage getting up?

5) Ok i draw the line at giving an example for handkerbation. look it up on this site for f*cks sake!
by Blixmeister May 19, 2009
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