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A trouder is the large and foul smelling turd that a tradesman leaves unflushed in your toilet on a day when he's done no work at your property but needs to leave evidence of having been there so that he can charge you a day's wage.

A a homeowner it's a double-downer. You're left battling the monster, peg-on-nose, whilst knowing you're going to have to cough up a days wages.

As a tradesman it's a double-whammy. You have a nice long shit, read the paper on the bog, maybe even have a crafty J Arthur Rank over page 3....And you know you'll get paid for it.
I got home from work, I couldn't see any evidence of any work done to the porch, I assumed Dave the bricky hadn't been round...But as soon as I got in I was hit by the stench....I gravely shuffled towards the toilet fearing the worst. I opened the door, and sure enough...He'd left a trouder. The smell was beyond compare, I can't imagine what bricklayers eat...shit by the smell of it...and it cost me a hundred quid for his day's work.
by Trouder-swallower March 11, 2014
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