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A multilayer game mode found in Garry's Mod that is a mod of Counter-Strike Source.

The game has 2 teams of randomly generated numbers each time. One team the Innocents, are the 'Innocent Terrorists' and there job is to figure out who the Traders are and kill them. The Innocents have no idea who's on what team.

The Traders however know who are there 'Fellow Traders' and who are the Innocents. The mission, kill all Innocents to win the round.

The last group, whom are nether Traders nor Innocents are Detectives. They have the power to track down Traders for the sake of the Innocents.

Other common names for Trouble in Terrorist Town are TTT, Tator Town ect. Different servers have different rules, be shure not to get banned.
Buddy: "Yo you want to play some GMod?"

Guy: "Cool, can we play Trouble in Terrorist Town?"

Buddy: "Sure, I haven't gotten to be a Trader yet."
by ROFLover115 April 11, 2011
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