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It look like a broke ass sexual chocolate. Limp wristed, long armed and able to reach the very top boxes on a shelf. Its' vehicle normally smells of rancid shrimp juice and is colored metal flake rustoleum. This creature is very canny and able to spot most scams and ploys. However, it is vulnerable to child support for non-legitimate spawn.

It normally chooses its mate (called Tron) based on visual stimuli, primarily curved, busted spines, snake skinned titties, double blown out roast beef vaginas and likes to state, "I make all my friends look like chopped liver." Basically, she does ugly like the original 1982 movie Tron did special effects.
"You must prove your loyalty by fucking the Tron, you Tron Fucker."
"You live in squalor, you Tron Fucker."
"Dude, your car smells like a Tron Fuckers."
"Brodie, you are such a fucking Tron Fucker."
by Hue Baxter the Third November 18, 2013
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