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A Trollser is the most vile form of troll on the internet who pose as legitimate members of forums and newsgroups. They are self-righteous pricks who overreact at the slightest provocation and are quick to label anyone who disagrees with them a troll; usually they operate under the delusion that they are the forums anti-troll, but in reality they are the true forum trolls. Almost every forum on the internet is infested with them. Essentially, when a new member joins a discussion, the trollsers will try to engage the newb with some argument, hoping to provoke them into saying something that will escalate the debate into a flame war, and have the newb banned for trolling. Some times the newb actually is a troll, but it does't matter because a trollser will overreact to any issue and escalate it into a flamewar.

Trollsers are argumentative types, generally posing as experts of some sort on the forum or newsgroup they hang around. They love starting arguments about anything and have to win -- it doesn't matter what it is about, just as long as they win. This is because they think they are smart, but in reality are just total losers who spend all their time on their favorite forum.

A trollser is a troll who trolls trolls. Trollsing is the act of trolling a troll. The person supposedly trolling may or may not actually be a troll, but are caught up in the lolzerpalooza these idiots create.
Dude: pop tarts rawk
Trollser: Pop tarts are unhealthy junk food, this forum is about health foods.
Dude: well whatever, they still taste good, I don't eat them all the time and I try to eat healthy.
Trollser: Only an idiot would eat junk like that
Dude: rofl, I'm not an idiot you asshat
Trollser: I smell a troll
Dude: Wha?
Trollser: Personal attacks are against the rules
Dude: But you called me an idiot
Trollser #2: If you were intelligent you wouldn't eat garbage like that
Dude: I do eat healthy foods, but I like pop tarts once in a while, what's wrong with that?
Trollser: You don't have a clue what you are talking about, this is a health foods forum, you're obviously a troll.
Trollser #3: Lol, you're an idiot fatso.
Dude: Wtf, I'm not fat you faggots.
Trollser: yeah you are you fat ass go stuff you face with some pop-tarts loser.
Dude: doucecocks
BAN-HAMMER: DUDE, Personal attacks and trolling.
by Banhammer Time March 26, 2008
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