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A telephone game played for general amusement. After the bets are made a phone number is found to one of any restaurants, diners, bars etc. that is located in one of the many Podunk towns in the Southern United States. When the phone has been answered, the caller in his best Southern drawl asks if his buddy "Bubba" is there on the premises. If a Redneck with the name Bubba indeed comes to the phone, the caller wins!
Trolling for Bubba player: "Say there! Would my buddy Bubba happen to be there eatin' breakfast this mornin?"

Waitress: "Should he be?"

Trolling for Bubba player: "Yes indeed Ma'am - we were out possum huntin' til 3 this morning, and he always has breakfast there in the corner booth!"

Waitress: (Yelling) "Bubba! Someone wants you on the phone!" "Here he comes....."

Trolling for Bubba player: "Score!!"

by Nedster November 06, 2007
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