to be have your laptop on, glasses on, hair in a bun, earbuds in , hood up, in ur pitch black room....BY.YOURSELF. bassically when you look disgusting and are beyond bored at night.
"hey guys i got to go troll out "

"whats up?"

"not much , trolling out"
by troll 76 August 24, 2011
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Troll out. The phrase come from the phrase bro out, but the act of trolling out or have a troll out, is the act of two trolls arguing on a message board or forum, usually over something of little importance or possibly even relevance to the subject being discussed. The common events seen in a troll out usually involves 2+ people/trolls who are irritated and have nothing better to do than to flame other people without reason.
I was reading the forums today, when I saw two users having a troll out over something insignificant.
by Buckwheatis June 12, 2009
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modifying or changing something to be annoying. Something a troll would make.
"i trolled out Steve's car"
"what did you do?"
"i connected his breaks to his horn!" ;P
by bigge May 5, 2014
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the act of moving from one location to another, mainly occuring in europe; said to have origin from a german fairy tale of a boy with large hands.
'we gotta get on the bus!"
"roll out like a troll out!"
by EFtoursaregreat July 26, 2008
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When someone trying to troll gets trolled on themselves by a lot of people.
Guy 1: That was kinda funny.

Troll: That sucked, and your adopted.

Guy 2: You suck, that was funny, go away, no one loves you.

Guy 3: Ya douchemuffin, that was hilarious.

Guy 1: Oh you just got out trolled!
by The Knowledgeable June 10, 2010
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