A "company" started by YouTuber MinnesotaBurns created for the purpose of trolling hackers, children, and ragers on Xbox Live, in particular, on Call of Duty. While trolling, he will claim to be the CEO of Trollarch as Jon Trollsten. Usually, he will inform the player (who is usually a hacker who is no older than 16) that they will be banned unless they follow Jon's commands (which may include requesting a parent). After this, all hell breaks loose. "Jon" will usually infuriate the player or player's parent(s) by giving them false telephone numbers such as 1-800-thisisnotreal, make controversial statements such as asking them on a date even though they may be married, or simply call the hacker names such as "douchebag" or "pathetic shitbag" to piss them off. Ragers are usually trolled in 1 v 1 matches by having their asses kicked followed by an insult from MinnesotaBurns to get them really mad. Since its creation, Trollarch's "staff" (MinnesotaBurns' subscribers) has reached over 265,000 people. Trollarch staff may also take part in the trolling by mimicking MinnesotaBurns' strategies in trolling and posting their results on YouTube for the lulz. Trollarch has also helped to create catchphrases from MinnesotaBurns including the most famous, "The chicken is burning." Trollarch has helped to shine a light on the good side of trolling: pissing off and helping to ban hackers and annoying raging kids from Xbox Live.
"Hey dude, are you part of Trollarch staff?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Wanna do some trolling on COD?"
"Not now, man. The chicken is burning."
by thosearemycookies August 04, 2012
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