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1. An easily-offended snowflake trying to pass as a troll but literally everyone knows how insecure and defenseless they really are. 2. A wannabe troll. 3. See also, "snowflake."
"That kid on Xbox was such a troll-flake, he kept harassing other players and dropping slurs, but as soon as Dexter called him out he started whining like a lil bitch."
by Shredhead713 August 28, 2019
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A typical internet troll that becomes a snowflake once an argument to the contrary of their beliefs is presented before them with proof. Typical trollflakes aggressively ignore facts and will usually defend false information that supports their beliefs by shamelessly attacking individuals online for theirs.
I got attacked by some troll who turned trollflake once I proved his argument was false.
by Young Thotta June 08, 2017
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