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Scuzzy looking broad. Typically involving frazzled hair, too tight shirt revealing an overabundance on abdominal cellulite, track pants to reveal her fat ass, or a short skirt that comes way to close to showing that dirty camel toe. Often accompanied by flakey cakey overapplied facial make up, so as to hide her volcanic crater like pock marks. Generally smells of a Japanese fish market.

Cracked out slut.

Dirty bitch that tries to look trendy & sexy, but should have just stayed in the local Walmart as a model for snow tires ala Michelin Man.
Timmy - Dang would you look at the skanky bitch over there with the doggy style tat and the 70 lb. ass, wearing what should only be worn in the bedroom by a sexy bitch!?!?

Bill - Shit! I'm gunna go poke my eyes out man! What a dirty Troll Monster!
by Mr. Grumpy no.... seriously November 25, 2010
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