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A Trojan Compliment is a nice looking compliment on the surface but whose only aim is to manipulate you.

It's more insidious than a back-handed compliment in the way that you don't really realize it's a critic.

The Trojan Complimenter then waits for you to confess it's not as it looks, or he will "realize" it's not as he thought and pretend to be disappointed and use it to get more concessions from you.
Car Buyer: "wow man, not a single scratch I love how you kept this car so perfect, I like that"
Car Seller: "well, thanks, there's just one small scratch over here.. "

Car Buyer: (sad face) "Oh, I see... It is a bit visible. Well, tell you what, let's 1k off the price and I'll take it anyway.


Joe: "How did you learn those that Trojan Compliment technique man"

Me: " man, it's wicked"
by Mandrake99 June 12, 2017
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