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The natural progression of becoming increasingly intoxicated by firstly acting excessively slutty, licking your fingers, rubbing your boobs, and dancing on an imaginary stripper pole. The second stage's preceedings include punching your friends, giving your boyfriend a black eye, using your driver's license as a cell-hone and kicking in a fraternity house window and running away. Side-effects include peeing your bed, jungle fever, calling 9-1-1 for no reason, and compulsive facebook wall-posting. Waking up the next day and texting everyone you know apologizing for you behavior is optional. Please consult your doctor before becoming Trixie-Beth. Trixie-Beth should incurred by those with heart problems, adrenal or liver disease. Please do not operate a motor vehicle while under Trixie-Beth. If you become Trixie-Beth, seek assistance immediately.
"I don't understand why my words are slurring but I can still see" -Trixie

"I want to fuck a black man" -Beth

by Drunkagj December 06, 2009
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