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Tristierra is a made up couple involving 14 year old singer Tristan Blaine and a fan of his named Sierra. There are a few people who ship Tristierra, including Sierra's sister, her friends, and Tristan himself. Sierra and her Twitter friend Lilith believe that Tristierra would be that cute hipster couple who takes cute selfies, holds eachother's hands, play video games and all that other cute shit. Tristierra is 9182923% real and if you don't believe that yOU CAN GO SHOVE A CACTUS UP YOUR ASS BECAUSE TRISTIERRA FOR LIFE BITCHES L O L BYE
Girl 1: Aww, they're the cutest couple ever!
Girl 2: No way! Tristierra is way cuter.
by lol bye December 28, 2013
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