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This is regarded as one of the most dangerous three-person sex acts in the world. It begins with the female partner on her back, legs spread. The first male partner then inserts an entire two-liter bottle of Coca-Cola into the woman's vagina. He then raises the woman's hips so that the coke begins to drain into her vagina, while simultaneously performing anal sex on her. When the bottle is completely empty, the second male partner begins performing vaginal sex on the woman, so that as much coke as possible remains in her vagina. The first male partner then slowly lifts the woman so that the coke leaks out around the second male partner's penis. The two male partners then switch roles and repeat this process.
"How was your three-way last night?" "It was rough. Ezekiel wanted to do a triple coke choker, but all we had was diet Pepsi."
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by Alexander's Horse May 24, 2017
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