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"TRILL BUDGERIGAR FOOD is a special combination of our unique optimum balanced seed mix with at least five natural seeds and whole grains blended together...blah blah blah" - enough.

Yes, Trill is a brand of bird seed. To some.
To others the descriptive term; Trill box is an adaption of the term seedy. A word used to describe an occurance or a person who has acted in an 'alternative' fashion. eg. macking younger hoes, drinking foreign vomit, inserting pens in the anus, pissing while man-gina-ing, pooing on front lawns, wiping poo with a bare hand... you get it, all worthy of the title 'Trill box'.
Will, what were doing with that vomit?

Dude i got $55 for it, it was totally worth while.

Dude you're a loose unit and a hoare for money.

Nah man, im a Trill box.
by BUDGERIGAR December 07, 2008
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