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(Tri•half•her•titties ) Verb. Language: English; American, with a redneck dialect. Derives from the redneck society. Due to the pronunciation it can be mistaken for a lady pharaoh, but that is simply not true.

Definition: A mount-worthy woman with so large of breasts, you could only take on one tit at a time because to take on two is just too dangerous and most certainly life threatening.
Proper sentence usage:
(A) Adam: "Bro, I can't handle both her titties!"
Ryan: "Dude just trihalfhertitties, der der!"
(B) Adam: "Hey, check out trihalfhertitties over there!"
Ryan: "Hell ya! I'd trihalfhertitties."
by RottenPanda3 September 15, 2016
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