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The last name given to people that are the best in what they tend to do, mostly in sex. A last name of royalty and awesomeness. Also a city in Spain, Trigueros is a municipality Spanish of the province of Huelva, Andalusia. It is situated at an altitude of 76 meters near the provincial capital (to 19.5 km), on flat land that draws small hills between the rivers Tinto and Odiel (Huelva). Bordered to the northwest Alosno, on the north Calañas and Beas, south Moguer and Fog, and west by the municipalities of San Juan del Puerto and Gibraleón.
In 2008 it had 7,477 inhabitants. The area of the municipality is 118.3 km ² by giving a density of 62.5 inhabitants per km ².
I really wish I was a Trigueros.
by tryo10 November 15, 2010
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