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A term that may, or equally may not, have been applied - presumably in Latin - to someone who was good at the ancient Roman ball game of trigon.

Since very little is known about trigon other than that it involved three players throwing a ball to (or at) each other, it's hard to say what might or might not have been said about the players.
"It's possible that good players might have been labelled with some Roman equivalent of 'trigon master'. But then again, they may not. We just don't know."

"A trigon master would have read enough of the sketchy details we know of the game to know that it involved three players, not a big circle. But then, a trigon master would also probably know that 'sick' means 'unwell'."
by Taskis February 21, 2009
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One who is uber skilled at TRIGON.

Trigon- A game in the early roman stages where you play "catch" on a big circle of people using trickery to fool them into thinking they won't get hit with a ball, but do get hit with a ball.
"Dude that guy is so sick at trigon. He is the trigon master!"
by Keytolife09 December 05, 2007
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