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Redneck to extreme. It is worse than white trash. generally nicknamed LB- for little bitch. Especially boys with extreme infatuations with sport teams (ex: MIAMI DOLPHINs) and like to wear all full out attire. It is even worse when they have tattoos which match their full out sports team attire (and full out means jersy's, shoes, socks, pants, hat...etc TATTOOOOO). They like to run around and act drunk as well. Sometimes they seem flattered when people call them hoosiers but thats because they don't know what it means... What makes them triflin is that they are wicked creepers. They are attracted to their friends little sisters, and likes to text them at all hours of the night, not spelling anything correctly. And they don't know how to take a hint...
if you get a hella cheap beanbag chair, and it gets a hole in it, and you use ductape to fix it.

example of a trifelin hoosier: A boy who acts drunk hits on their friends little sis and is dressed like one of the members of the miami dolphin football team. however they are not. and will never be...
by dolphipipipi89 September 02, 2008
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