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Since the dawn of time, the title of "Tricky Business" has been passed on from generation to generation, given to those worthy of its power. Anyone considered Tricky Business can posses many distinct qualities, such as using Fifty Calibers on Wetwork, or triple grenades. On occasion, it has been noted that such a person could clutch matches. Physical descriptions may include, but are not limited to, abnormaly large penises, balls of steel, golden abs, lazer vision and the will of a bear. As one of my heroes, Albert Einstein, once stated, "If I could go back in time, and devote my time to somthing different, it would be becoming Tricky Business."
Dude, check it out! That guy just held the HQ by himself with nothing but a 50 Caliber and his USP!
Yeah man, he's Tricky Business...

Hey Demon, did you see him no scope those two kids from around the corner? They didn't know what hit them!
Well, they don't call him Tricky Business for nothing...
by Dr. Albert Franchez March 04, 2009
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