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A not-so-good-looking man who’s insecure because he didn’t get laid in high school, and who, as a grown man, is still sorting out his insecurities. Now that he’s older and has more money, he feels he has to make up for lost time. He’ll cheat on his wife or girlfriend and go out to strip clubs. Basically, he plays head games with the women in his life.
Attractive guys had enough sex in high school or college to make them more grounded and able to connect to women as they get older, but geeks spend the rest of their lives as trick guys.
by Thanatos Omega May 05, 2009
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A single less than attractive successful man in his 30's 40's who seems like a catch but is a habitual cheater because of deep seeded insecurities.
Your typical "Trick Guys" are the ones your friends set you up with, they seem "perfect" single less than attractive successful man in his 30's 40's that appear serious about meeting a partner..but has major deep seeded insecurities from not being the stud in HS. or college. He now rents escorts, cheats on his girlfriend and needs constant attention from woman to feel secure in his manhood, even though he is successful in all other arena's. Where adversely a good looking successful man is more secure and stable, knows what he wants and is happy with what he has.
by ErisGirl July 15, 2010
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