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A wonderful girl with a good heart and radiant smile. She is lively and always brightens your day with her cheerful personality. When a Trianna walks into your life, she changes it for the better. She is loyal and sweet. Rumor has it that she comes from a line of princesses.
Nice Man: "Bro which girl should I take out on a date?"
Wise Man: "Why Trianna of course, who else?"
by SwagDaddy_3 September 16, 2017
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A person who is very tough and stands up for her self and others. She listens to all your problems and gives you whole-hearten advise. Once you have a Trianna, never let her go.
by SpunkyGurl542 January 16, 2010
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Emo lesbian that masturbates to hollywood undead cuts down not across when shes feeling lost. chink asf smells like hot ass and fritos . Probably walks alone in the halls playing green day boulevard of broken dreams
omg did u see trianna carving johnny 3 tears in her arm?!
by tittypawl June 02, 2017
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