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In a First Person Shooter (FPS), it's the legendary act of scoring a 7 kill multi-kill.

If one is to ever achieve this rare event they must yell out " T-T-T-Tri QUAD. "

TriQuad is often mistaken with Tri-QUAD which is when someone mistakenly thinks they got a Triple kill but while in the middle of yelling triple they notice the call sign showing "multikill" and scream QUAD resulting in "Tri-QUAD"
2 Friends playing Ground war.

Friend 1: " Hey man watch this epic Noob Tube "
Friend 2: " Your not gonna hit anything "
Friend 1 gets Multi kill
Friend 1: " HOLY SH*T!! I Just got a Harrier!! (7 kill streak)"
Friend 2: No F*cking Way
Friend 1: TriQUAD!!!
by Camo702 July 24, 2010
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