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Noun and Adjective. Pronounced (Tree-Vis). Meaning is the act of taking a good or service at low or no cost to you. It also refers to selling a product or service at a high markup.

Treevis is also commonly known as its original word "Freevis". Freevis originated when combining the three words "this is free". Thanks to modern culture the order and shortened words have evolved to "Freevis" and now "Treevis".

The act of "Treevis" or "Treevising" can be a hobby, pastime, or even used during or as employment.
"wow this f150 is nice, I think I'll Treevis it"

"It blue Books at $22,000, I will get him to take 2,300"
"Bro you totally Treevised that guy"
"Yes and I landed an ultimate Freevis when he let me keep the second set of wheels at no extra cost"
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by David Josephs May 27, 2018
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