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Pronounced 'tree-art-arian'.

A person that does not conform to the rules of vegan-ism or vegetarianism but looks about creating their own variation of what they believe is doing the right thing.
An example of this is somebody that chooses not to eat meat but would rather eat the meat if another person's meat food was intended for the bin. The meat would be regarded as a waste and therefore consumed for it nutritional values rather than binning it so that the animal was not murdered completely for nothing. This person would never buy meat for themselves or look about consuming it any other fashion but to save waste.
A treearterian may choose to eat fish as fish are not taken from their mothers to be used as food. Fish are solo species and in abundant supply so could be regarded as a food that could be consumed with good intention.

A treearterian will not take part in the practice of mass production of anything especially dairy. Organic dairy may be excepted if the source of the dairy was not harmful to the animals in any way.

A treearterian's diet therefore could be built upon fish, vegetables and well sourced dairy but this is subjective to the person with the point being that they do not wish to conform to another set of principles laid out by another such as vegan-ism and vegetarianism.
'I thought vegetarians don't eat meat?!'

'I'm only eating this meat as you are wasting it to the bin. I don't believe in the killing and torture of animals as food for humans and I will never look to consume meat. I am a treearterian and therefore stand by my own set of beliefs of I believe is ethical when it comes to consuming food from the planet'.
by Praffles February 28, 2017
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