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1. a modern hippie phenomena found at at touring jam band concerts. Deriving from cross pollination between normal hippies and gangsters, Tree Thugs usually have dreadlocks, fitted flat brim hats, and interesting "urban" clothing featuring bright, metallic or intricate patterns. Tree Thugs engage in copious amounts of drug selling to support their lifestyle, travels, and wardrobe. They can usually be found milling around venues mumbling the varieties of heady contraband they have for sale.
Dude, that acid I bought from that Tree Thug totally fucked me up.

whoa, that Tree Thug over there is trying to trade his dog for a super heady crystal.

I went to see Phish in Miami, you should have seen all the coked up Tree Thugs. It was wild.
by whodatchs April 22, 2010
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