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A wonderful, sarcastic, funny, dark-complected, beauty that is sure to be a friend. She usually hides behind glasses and has the most beautiful, long, brown, wavy hair on earth! Usually befriends people instantly. Nobody can compare to her sarcasm and quirkiness!!! It's all in a good way though, she's not a retarded baby alligator. If she has anything to do with retarded baby alligators, she'd be the ruler/queen. Albeit she's not.
Tom: Did you see that beautiful girl over there?
Brad: Bro, she's Treana! Of course I saw her, can't believe you just saw her
Tom: Is she an average chick or an actual funny gal?
Brad: *shakes his head and pats Tom on the shoulder* She's the best mate here, you'll love her instantly, everybody does.
Treana: *walks by with her giant group of funny friends
Brad: Treana!!
Treana: *walks to Brad* What's up?
Brad: Tom this is Treana, Treana this is Tom
Treana: Where's Jerry?
Tom and Brad laugh the day lights out of themselves while Treana smiles and waves them 'later'
by Fearless_Knight_Rider December 30, 2014
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