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Person who watches television while working out at home on a treadmill, on the base of a rating system in which tv shows get labeled as "worth watching from the couch" or "can totally be seen during exercise".

The tv shows belonging to this last category are watched just to keep track of the story while waiting for the occasional good episode that justifies remaining attached to a series that outrunned it's original concept, or for that one-per-episode cool computer graphic effect. They can be followed just fine by listening and looking at the screen every 5 seconds or so. In the case of movies, they usually are cheap B movies often downloaded from the internet or rented by mistake.

The key concept of this activity is multitasking, originating from the fact that:
a) one has not enough couch-time to watch tv from a sitting position
b) one lacks the determination to stay put and watch a now boring show just to see how it ends
c) one wants something to distract him from the pains of fat-burning.

See also: elliptical potato, stationary bike potato.
Tim: John, long time no see! Did you lose weight?

John: I really needed to free some space on my TiVo, so i treadmill potato'ed my way through the last season of Prison break and Heroes.
Michael: Well, time to go, i need to burn some fat.
Ryan: The office is on tonight, are you gonna watch it while you exercise?
Michael: Hey, i might be a treadmill potato, but The office will *always* get some couch time from me.
by keichix November 01, 2009
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