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The most sexy bad ass in the whole intire universe. Ps he will kick your ass
Trayden is a bad ass.
by Long jhonson November 18, 2017
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It's a ship name for Tessa and Brayden. I know these two well and ship them together. I find them so cute sooo I came up with this as there ship name! I'm friends with both of them. But one thing you won't know is who put this. Tessa has dirty blonde hair with blue,green, brown,and gold eyes. She is also a dancer. And Brayden has dirty blonde-brown ish hair and blue eyes. He plays football.
Tessa and Brayden are super cute together. I ship Trayden!!!! Like this if you think they would be cute together
by Girlsbesties July 12, 2018
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