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A measure of hottness which can't be described any way other than "trashy." Trashy Hot girls often have not washed or combed their hair in days, wear clothes which don't quite fit, and appear to be in a general state of dishevelment. They give off the vibe that they are DTF and just generally DGAF. Despite all this, they still ooze sexuality and rival the most well groomed women in attractiveness.

Trashy hot girls may initially be ignored as they appear to be dirty, unkempt and unworthy of a second glance. However, upon closer inspection it is often found that the said trashy hot girl is so sexy that you can't stop staring in amazement.
"That girl is soo fucking hot..."
"How hot? Like a 9 or a 10?"
"No, she's trashy hot."
by justlogic February 04, 2011
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