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A hipster who likes trash to an uncomfortable degree.

Emerging in the early 2010's, trashsters are a subculture of teenagers and young adults who enjoy garbage for both its aesthetics and euphemisms. Its largest concentration and origins are based in Omaha, NE. The esteemed "Hotel Frank" a.k.a. "Middle House" serves as a focal point for the culture offering noisy lo-fi basement shows and living quarters for an ambiguous amount of young adults. Most trashsters are recent high-school graduates, with the occasional art school graduate, and hold down part-time jobs as an only source of income (not including any parental assistance). They survive off near minimum wage by exclusively eating Little Caeser's "Hot 'n' Ready's" and Totino's frozen "Party Pizza"s. With hygiene and mannerisms strikingly similar to Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats, they never clean and pride themselves on being as filthy as possible. An opposition to other scenes that are simply thrift-friendly, the trashster culture will not accept clothes or furniture that are even remotely new.

It is important not to confuse trashsters with those that live a "punk" lifestyle. Although it appears both neglect societal standards on cleanliness, punks do not care for such standards while trashsters make an extremely careful and conscious effort to avoid them.

They are the opposite of swanksters.
"Oscar the Grouch hates everything, what a trashster!"
- The children of hipsters

"Don't be a fucking trashster and take the garbage out!"
- One roommate to another

"I haven't washed my hands in ten years"
- A trashster after just introducing themselves

"I really like the musician Grimes, but I heard she was a trashster."
- Someone at the Pitchfork festival.
by Swankerton August 11, 2012
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