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A trashee kid is a new era or scene ...A trashee kid is some one who wears bright beads and necklaces, and who is very childish , they love cartoon characters and think they are ghetto or gangsta, they absolutly love childish things like.. toys , crayons,playdoh,coloring books and live on myspace.they spend most of there days either on their computers, in town being childish, dyeing and cutting their own hair or out with friends and trying to make lots of new friends because trashee kids are very happy all the time they cant help but attract people with their brightly coloured clothing and their happy personality.there fun to be with.most trashee kids are girlsi haven't seen a trashee boy ever.
typical trashee girl :
skinny leg jeans, 3 quarters or shorts
NOT SKIRTS , skirts or for rare occasions
bright vest tops , t - shirts , or cartoon character tops
NOT GIRLY GIRLY TOPS its trashee not scene!
converse, or converse stylee shoes
tones of bright jewlrey around neck
TRASHEE KIDS also make there own jewlrey from kidies toys and plastic crap, lego bricks and plastic ruber ducks are a must have
if they have a jacket its black or a bright neon color
never white because its to plain and if you have black it makes the neon colored jewlrey stand out more.
listens to mostly punk, rock ,emo,some times rap because its good
loves jeffree star and audrey kitchen most trashee kids base there looks around these to fashion icons
love to use msn wording like (Y) and (H)
there hair is choppy , layered and messy
has more than 2 - 3 mabey more colors in their hair
neon colors and extentions are a must have for trashee kids
big hair clips and little girl hair clips are what most trashee girls have
and a scarf.
trashee kids dont care what any one thinks of them, the dont give a F**k, if you say omg what is she wearing they will just smile and say hi .
they dont really care to much about what enyone thinks
they have more than one favorite place to hang out at week ends and love all of their friends
by Trashee Kids August 12, 2007
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Scenekids are dieing outthe new trend is trashee kids.
the same as scene kids but more fun and brighter.
they have there own oppinion and dress how they like
the dont just have one style they have meny different styles.also every trashy kid is different because they mostly make there own jewlrey out of toys and childish things.they make it them selfs , no one has it , there very indervidual.they like to stand out and are very and happy.usally see them in public places trying to make everyone smile = . there are mostly trashee girls but only a coupol trashee guys
trashee girl:
bright make up.
lots of neon jewlrey.
none matching clothes, they clash there colors.
choppy hair , neon colored with extentions.
converse shoes or type shoes.
and bright tops/vest tops.
trashee boy:
skinny leg jeans.
band t-shirt or neon tops with wordings like peace or hugs not drugs ect.
choppy hair with fringe ove one eye.
2 or more colors of neon in their hair.
lots of girly braclets and neon braclets and necklaces.
converse shoes or vans/DC.
flat cap hat thats usally bright or has writting all oveer that they have done them selfs.
bright scalf.
usally see trashee kids around public places being childish , having water fights, sword fights and they usally draess up and pretend to be cats and fairys and stuff.
by Trashee Kid August 12, 2007
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the best happyest people on the earth,
the new scene, TRASHEE IS A MUST TO BE.
its most indevidual and freedom to costomize clothing and jewlrey and make it your own.
Trashee kid language:
Trashee girl: i made this necklace the other day isnt it rad?
Trashee boy: yeah thats pritty stella i want one but you made it, im going to make one with a rubber duck on.
Trashee girl : were so cool its just so ghetto (Y)
Trashee boy:YER MON ! our bling is the sex!
by Trashee Kids August 12, 2007
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