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Any female person holding the position of cashier in a retail establishment who appears to have no more than a high school education and few or no other career prospects available to her. This individual usually uses poor grammar or calls those around her "hon."

The trash-ier is characterized by big or overly gelled hair, large hoop earrings, multiple piercings especially in the ears, or tattoos in places such as the wrist or neck, typically involving the name of a loved one or the depiction of plantlife.

Often during an interaction with this individual one will experience sub-par customer service. It isn't particularly horrible or unpleasant, but is overall mediocre, as the trash-ier's disposition is characterized by marked apathy toward her job. It is not uncommon to witness the trash-ier complaining about any number of things or conversing with a coworker about work schedules, refusals to complete assigned tasks, or unpleasant encounters with others.
Wal-Mart cashiers are generally good examples of trash-iers, as are many cashiers found in truck stops across the United States.
by Skipsy February 28, 2010
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