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A cupcake someone has licked the icing off of and throw away.

It means no one likes you they just like what comes with you.
“Sarah is such a trash muffin, I only like her for her boat. “

Alayna is a trash muffin but it’s better then being alone during lunch.”

“I think i’m just a trash muffin to Paige and Reagan. They only ever hang out with me when they need a ride.”
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by Rosalin Rocketta March 06, 2018
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N:A whorish person,a person who constantly talks about his/her self in a 3rd person and feels it is ok to shit on people NOT in their circle.
She is on the other side of the club acting like a real trashmuffin.
by BLuTink78 June 29, 2009
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