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Trapnin' refers to one who is killin it at the time. Plain and simple. Dominating the situation by makin that deal, drinkin that henny, you know... trapnin!

Having the time of your life and trapnin is the exact same thing.

Sometimes other phrases that follow trapnin' like "world wide!" Or "killin it" that come from a friend will emphasize the feeling at the moment and makes it that much better when you... trapnin'!

A pronunciation of Trapnin' with a silent "p" is sometimes commonly used.

For example- tranin'

If you push yourself, try to make the most of situations no matter the circumstance and involve others around you while having fun, the likelihood of you trapnin' on a daily basis will drastically increase.

... Trapnin'!!!!
Server asks what you want, you say Johnny walker blue label, friend says in a loud voice "trapnin'!"

You're at a wedding and they just said, you may now kiss the bride.

Your response - Trapnin'!!!
by World Wide Inc. November 05, 2017
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