1. A girl who has transitioned into a boy
2.A boy who has transitioned into a girl
3.NOT someone who is both genders
4.NOT a cisgender person. If they are transmasculine, they are male. If they are transfeminine, they are female. Respect transgender people, please.
Person 1:Why do you kinda look like a girl even though you're a boy? Are you a transgender person?
Person 2:I am a girl who has transitioned into a boy, yes.
Person 2:Thank you so much! *hugs them*
by gay.weird.kid June 22, 2022
To refer to a time that will take almost forever to happen. Almost impossible.
You want me to vote liberal?

Yeah right, I will wait till The First Transgendered Person in NASCAR races; before I'd ever do that !
by Charmouche April 11, 2018