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When the war ended, Rodimus prime and his crew set-off on their Starship "The Lost Light" to find the Knights of Cybertron, The Engines unfortunately malfunctioned, and almost everyone was blasted off into outer-space. The Survivors of the Lost light came looking for the Crew that disappeared, which Skids, a theoretician was invited onto the Lost Light. A lot happened in between, but then the Dark Cybertron Series was released, and it featured Shockwave making a duplicate of Metroplex, the Necro-titan, to attack or to hold off the Autobots and The Decepticons while they are trying to prevent Shockwave From Ruling all over the universe. That is when Megatron, tortured, ripped in half, and turned into a portal by Shocwave, comes in. He formed an alliance with the autobot Bumblebee to stop Shockwave from accomplishing his plan. Someone in the scene that figured out a way to stop the Necro-titan (forgot his name, sorry!) But it is required with Metroplex's Thumb, which was found in space. Megatron, with his new ability to teleport, he teleported Metroplex's thumb into Metroplex's palm, and somehow healing him and the other's around him, defeating the Necro-titan in the process. After that, Shockwave murdered Bumblebee by blasting a hole right through Bumblebee's chest. Megatron then furiously battled Shockwave. After "A Lot Of Things", Megatron then decided to become an Autobot.
Transformers More than Meets The Eye (MTMTE) is one of the Best Comic Books Ever!
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by Megabombs May 25, 2018
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