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When you transfer from one 4-year University to another and end up being miserable.

The transfer student blues are worse the longer you wait to transfer as you find it increasingly difficult to forge friendships that were once naturally easy to acquire. The workload becomes rigorous and you find it difficult to motivate yourself to do the work as a result of the soul-crushing despair.

Unfortunately, the blues never subside and you are left to wonder why you transferred out in the first place. The blues are most prevalent when one transfers from a small close-knit university to a large university where you are just a number.
I transferred from a small liberal arts college to Michigan State and I am experiencing the Transfer student blues. This is my last semester and I hardly know anybody. I used to enjoy going downtown and getting wasted with my crew. Now, I just stay in my 1-bedroom apartment and smoke weed while watching re-runs of South Park. The Transfer Student Blues suck and I just can't wait to graduate-If I make it out in one piece!
by PTrockstar92 February 04, 2013
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