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A speaker who overuses the term or phrase 'ladies and gentlemen' to express a significant point usually affecting the other team whilst debating.

Other contexts:
Transempturalism - The disease of overusing 'ladies and gentlemen' while debating.
'Ladies and gentlemen, the oppositions case is like a skyscraper - with many flaws and stories...furthermore, ladies and gentlemen, by raising the price of petrol, we are literally saving the world...In conclusion, ladies and gentlemen, the opposition have failed to refute any of our arguments, and ladies and gentlemen, our case is flawless.'

John: 'Wow, George is such a transempturalist, did you how many times he used 'ladies and gentlemen?'

Sam: 'Clive, you where totally a transempturalist when you where speaking tonight.'
by LeftieFlip March 28, 2009
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