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A sexual act involving two male participants. One must be Armenian, the other Azerbaijani. The men's peckers, symbolizing the territories of Nagorno-Karabakh and Nakhchivan, should be painted with cake icing in appropriate national colors. (Red, blue and apricot for the Armenian; light blue, red and green for the Azerbaijani—with an optional white star and crescent on his glans.)

The participants proceed to give each other simultaneous oral pleasure in a sixty-nine arrangement. Then, dick in mouth, the Azerbaijani must hum the Armenian national anthem as loudly and tunefully as he can, whilst the Armenian does the same with the Azerbaijani anthem. Whoever causes the other man to cum first is declared the winner; both must swallow. Afterwards, it is recommended that the two kiss and make up.
Transcaucasian Duet
Azerbaijani - MMM M-MM M, MMM M-MM M, MMM M-MM M M M MM...
Armenian - MM MM-M-MMM, MM M-M-MMM, MM MM M-M M M M M...
by Epic Tetus March 02, 2015
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