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definition: 1.) Having sexual relations with a (Jersey) girl with a butt-spew tattoo after buying her 3 drinks. 2.)Middle-aged women sleeping with hobos and bridge dwellers by offering alcoholic beverages to entice fornication. 3.)Allowing oil company executives convince you to grant them billion dollar tax cuts just prior to raising gasoline prices to record levels. (see: assuming the position.)
1.) Man, I went out with this chick last night, but she was a total Tramp Screw. Never again! Friend: "Nice tattoo, huh?"
2.) Ruth: "Betty, I found a really interesting guy!" Betty: "Really, someone you met at work?" Ruth: "No, he's just a tramp screw I found at the Soup Kitchen - but fun anyway!"
3.) Dick Cheney: "What transpired behind closed doors with the Energy Task Force is of no interest to you, just merely a silly little tramp screw." George W: "Heh, heh, what he said..."
by Timothy Gilchrist May 08, 2006
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