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Any of the reality TV shows that depict the "up close and personal" lives of the people or familes on the program. TV programs such as Jon and Kate Plus 8, 18 Kids and Counting (the Duggar family) and Wife Swap are prime examples. Also known as "fishbowl TV."
Julie: Did you watch the season premier of "Jon and Kate Plus Eight?" The kids are sooooo cute.

Hal: Are you kidding? I have better things to do with my time. That show makes me wanna puke. Now that the Goselins are having trouble keeping their marriage together and all the rumours--he's cheating on her, she's cheating on him. I feel sorry for the kids that their parents are selfish enough to put them through all that on a TV show. It's nothing more than Train wreck TV.
by Ahina May 27, 2009
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Something that you know is going to be either horrible, or monotonous (like a security cam), but you can't stop watching..
So I watched Trainwreck tv for 4 hours straight last night...Help!
by ocbinor September 30, 2018
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