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Artificial finger nails that are longer than normal nails but shorter than Shanequa Nails and Ghetto Daggers. They are usually convex in shape but can be found with concave tips in extreme examples.

Trailer Park Nails are usually found on women who want to appear somewhat ghetto but are unwilling to go full in, or in some cases the woman has to work and cannot have a set of Shanequas. Other places TPN can be found are on McDonalds/Hardees/WalMart employees. They usually are painted some variation of pink but can have decals featuring desert scenes, unicorns, Disney characters, etc. They are often seen with nail jewelery and other nail accessories.
Her: "Sorry honey but I had to cancel your doctors appointment because I had to get my nails done and my mom wouldn't watch the kids again."

Him: "You mean those god awful trailer park nails?"
Her: "Yep, that's them."
by Billy bob blue bait September 15, 2010
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