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  /ˈtreɪlər/  /pɑrk/ /bobcat/
   trey-ler pahrk bob-kat

–noun,plural-cats, (especially collectively) -cat.

A much older and less attractive woman with less money than a "cougar" that attempts to prey upon men or boys in a pathetic attempt for attention or sex, having a brownish coat with black spots.

Trailer-park Bobcats are interested in any man no matter the age or body type, they are a desperate lot that would mate multiple times in one day if there were willing partners.

Unfortunately they are usually so repulsive that they spend their entire time hunting without success, unless they trap a unlucky, weakly and usually drunk poor soul of a man that has been known to commit suicide upon sobering and realizing that they had sex with such an awful creature.

They often travel on buses, bicycles or drive cars valued less than $500. You can often smell them well before ever seeing them. They are always filthy and dirty with flaking skin and matted ugly hair. A Trailer park bobcats tits are always sagging and often stretch down over their protruding belly. Their vaginas are always diseased and a dangerous place to insert a penis. They have been known to reuse condoms with multiple sex partners. They always smoke cigarettes and will often dig a used cigarette out of an ashtray and finish it.
That Trailer park Bobcat won't leave me alone, ugh!! She smells awful!!

Do you see that woman looking at you? She is a Trailer park Bobcat, you should run!!

This Trailer park Bobcat just asked me to buy her a drink, I told her to hop back in her Pinto and drive away!
by ThatonKyaikto March 24, 2010
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